Holiday is Close with KrAZ

05 December, 2016

New Year Holiday is on the horizon and everybody, young and adult, are waiting for their favorite winter holiday. Domestic timber semi-trailer KrAZ6446 that delivered must-have of the holiday, a huge fir tree, from Ivano-Frankovsk region, made Ukrainians much closer to the holiday. 86-year old 26 m long tree has been hoisted into place in the centre of Sofiyskaya Square in Kiev, where New Year celebrations will take place. Almost all national leading media companies highlighted this event, blogger Alexander Baraboshko who participated in delivery of Christmas tree posted video of delivery of green beauty online. By the way, legendary predecessor the KrAZ-255B truck with crane unit supported up-to-date timber truck KrAZ in these operations. It has been used to hook, cut down and lay on the semi-trailer truck. According to witnesses, delivering a green beauty was a hard task but AWD truck tractor easily approached forest and then laden with heavy oversize cargo drove off road then on road to deliver the tree to the capital. Given the oversize cargo, the semi-trailer truck was escorted by police car when driving on public roads.

It is no coincidence that the KrAZ-6446 semi-trailer truck was selected for this honorable and responsible mission; this model can haul as much as 34 tonnes both off and on road. This year vehicle capabilities such as high payload capacity and excellent off road ability have been very useful because forest beauty grew in a hard-to-access area. KrAZ tackled this job.

Very soon the tree will be decorated with thousands of decorations made in Yavorov and 3 km of fairy lights. Christmas tree opening will take place on Monday, December 19, on the day of St. Nicholas. 



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