Up-to-Date KrAZ Vehicles Will Help Tackle Weather Driving Challenges in Ukraine

19 December, 2016

Heavy snow, snowstorms and slippery roads that caused road accidents in different regions of Ukraine in the beginning of this winter clearly demonstrate need for a lot of special vehicles not only for State Emergency Response Service but also for subdivisions of “Ukravtodor” for clearing snow and spreading grit. Despite general mobilization of all the road maintenance services of the country lack of vehicles and worn-out condition of vehicles in service with these subdivisions make it impossible to overcome weather challenges. That’s why it happens that vehicles are hostages of severe weather and uncleared roads when it is impossible to do without rescuers. Thus, the site of SERS states for the past week that rescue units had to help drivers that could not cope with driving challenges.

In Vinnitsa region huge semi-trailer truck Renault carrying 35-tonne load could not climb hill of road Kodyma-Peschanka near the village Studenaya, Peschanka region (the road connecting Kodyma and Peschanka is in a bad state, this causeway is not maintained by regional road maintenance service). The driver had little choice but to call up to Rescue Service for help. Rescuers of special rescue team of SRES in Vinnitsa region came to the scene.  The rescuers used the KrAZ-255B off road vehicles to tow the semi-trailer truck to safe section of road.

In Poltava region SRES workers this KrAZ vehicle model to render assistance to 8 trucks being in the same situation. Hear the village Gorodishche, Lubny area, on the road Lubny-Chernukhi eight trucks with 12 occupants could not climb hill due to slippery road. Rescuers towed the vehicles on the hill using rope and winch of the KrAZ-255 vehicle, and then the drivers continued their way.

Annually, given the accidents occurring on roads due to severe weather Ukrainian manufacturer “AutoKrAZ” offers help in providing road maintenance services with required multipurpose special vehicles such as  road maintenance vehicles with snow clearing, gritting and snow blowing equipment and SRES units with rescue vehicles. KrAZ is willing to take on warranty and routine maintenance of its trucks and to provide training for drivers and mechanics, if necessary.

“AutoKrAZ” is open to cooperation and ready to sell special vehicles KrAZ on mutually beneficial conditions. New special vehicles KrAZ will prevent traffic collapse caused by snow in Ukrainian cities, towns and villages and support domestic manufacturer. We are sure that road maintenance vehicles KrAZ provided with state-of-the-art special equipment will help tackle driving challenges in our country.

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