Employees of “Ukrnafta” Have their Training at KrAZ

23 December, 2016

A group of employees of PJSC “Ukrnafta” has been awarded certificates on completion of their training provided by “AutoKrAZ” in December 20-23 upon request of this largest oil company of Ukraine.

Seven persons came to Kremenchug Automobile Plant to improve skills in repair of off road KrAZ vehicle in compliance with agreement for consulting services. Trainees who came from Priluky and Poltava were technicians responsible for repair of vehicles of PJSC “Ukrnafta” in service with Poltava Cementing Operations Department. The training has been given by skilled technicians of “AutoKrAZ” in the company’s Training Centre provided with state-of-the-art equipment. The trainees also could see production and assembly process in unit production and assembly workshops of the automobile plant.

The program included training in operation and maintenance of KrAZ vehicles. Mechanics and engineers have been taught to operate, troubleshoot, maintain, repair and prepare for long-term storage off road vehicles KrAZ. Cutaway sections of mass produced vehicle units and functional mock-up of the KrAZ-6322 vehicle have been used for training.

After getting certificates on training completion, oil workers thanked for high level and quality of training, unique training equipment and aids, they gave a high mark to equipment available in the Training Centre, high professionalism of the company’s instructional stuff. According to them, they asked their managers to arrange training for them. Considering that their fleet is made up of various models of KrAZ vehicles of different years (the oldest ones are over 30-year old) knowledge they gained is very useful in their routine maintenance of fleet. After getting training, technicians went to their workplace with wealth of knowledge and skills on operation of KrAZ vehicles.  

“AutoKrAZ” always meets the needs of its customers and willingly responds to appeals to learn to operation and repair of vehicles it manufactures realizing that this would result in proper operation and no failures of vehicle units due to lack of knowledge. It should be noted that all foreign trade contracts include provisions on special training for mechanics and drivers at the facilities of “AutoKrAZ” with issue of relevant certificates. Such a practice made it possible to prevent from being submitted claims from foreign customers caused by improper operation and maintenance of KrAZ vehicles. 

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