KrAZ Vehicles Clear Roads and Ensure Safe Driving

20 November, 2018

KrAZ vehicles equipped with snow removal and salt spreading equipment are the first vehicles to take a hit annually by responding to natural disaster called “snow and black frost”. This November is no exception. A big amount of winter service vehicles, most built by “AutoKrAZ”, used by road maintenance and municipal services tonight and in the morning, made it possible to drive on principal roads.

Sudden deterioration of weather conditions because of heavy rain and snow mixed in Vinnitsa, Kirovograd, Cherkassy, Kiev, Transcarpathia, Poltava, Khmelnitsky, Chernovtsy, Dnieper, Donetsk, Nikolayev and Odessa regions   brought traffic almost to a halt. According to Ukravtodor, average snow depth ranged from 3 to 15 cm.

It is obvious that strong KrAZ vehicles will make it easier to clear roads and help avoid accidents and other negative effects as working in harsh environmental conditions is in KrAZ’s element. Kremenchug Automobile Plant has manufacturing facilities, skilled staff and mass produced special vehicles to meet the needs of all road maintenance and municipal services in quality and effective Ukraine-made vehicles. They need currently thousands of such vehicles. Kremenchug Automobile Plant always moves forward: up-to-date KrAZ trucks manufactured today are more powerful, mobile and maneuverable due to cabover design. What is more, they are versatile because the lineup of winter service vehicles is provided with easily mountable/demountable special snow removal equipment, thus making it possible to use them all year round. “KrAZ” is able to provide the country’s fleets with vehicles meeting every need and with any equipment. Kremenchug Automobile Plant manufactures all the most popular municipal and winter service vehicles:  multipurpose snow clearance vehicles and rotary snow blowers, garbage trucks, street sweepers, sewage suction trucks, etc. “KrAZ” provides timely warranty and post-warranty service to its customers, gives trainings for drivers and mechanics, if necessary. “AutoKrAZ” is open for collaboration and ready to sell KrAZ special vehicles on mutually beneficial terms. We are waiting for our customers: our KrAZ vehicles will help you clear roads and ensure driving safety. 

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