The KrAZ-6510ТЕ Truck in National Colors

07 December, 2018

The KrAZ-6510ТЕ AWD truck tractor was painted patriotic colors waiting for trip to deliver New Years’ Tree to the capital. Both the company and the truck are fully ready though the decision has not been made by capital authorities. Offering regular charity help domestic manufacture Kremenchug Automobile Plant believed that it would save money of Kiev residents.  Isn’t it great that some portion of many millions allocated to celebrate New Year would be spent to hand more gifts or surprises to Ukrainian kids?

Strong, maneuverable and next generation. The 6х6 KrAZ-6510 AWD truck tractor with automatic transmission has a powerful engine, comfortable driver’s seat required to tackle any job in delivery of oversize heavy loads from any point of our country on and off road. 

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