Powerful mobile repair shops ACAM-78 are manufactured on the basis of the KrAZ truck chassis

25 September, 2019

PJSC “AutoKrAZ” fulfilled the order of LLC “TRADING HOUSE BUDSHLYAKHMASH” for the supplying of the KrAZ-63221 truck chassis for mounting of a van body. Truck chassis KrAZ-63221, wheel arrangement 6×6, “cabin-behind-engine” truck configuration, metal, three-seat, diesel engine Euro-5, 380 hp, gearbox — mechanical, 9-speed, 2-range; clutch — dry, single-disk; brake system — with ABS.

The all-wheel drive KrAZ 6×6 chassis truck is a unique transportation base not only for mobile repair shops, but also for various engineering equipment — fuel tankers, water tankers, autocranes, pontoon bridge parks.

Emergency vehicle — ACAM-78 of a domestic manufacturer will be sent to a water utility in the Donetsk region. Van body consists of two compartments. The household compartment is designed for comfortable transportation of 6 workers, it is additionally equipped with an autonomous heater and a driver call button. In the technological compartment are mounted: fitter’s bench, 36.8 kW diesel generator, motor pump for dirty water: capacity 120 cub. meter / hour (2000 liter / min.), arc welding machine (90-450A), belts for transporting cylinders (drawers), electrical switchboard.

Specialized trucks are designed for the quick delivery of workers and necessary technological equipment and tools to the scene of an accident, carrying out of repair and maintenance work in a safe and comfortable environment.

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