Civilian sector

It is impossible to imagine building, mining and logging industries, municipal services, road industry and agriculture, oil and gas sector without up-to-date vehicles. KrAZ trucks are used in almost all the sectors of national economy. For this reason the lineup of civilian vehicles predominate in production plan of “AutoKrAZ”.

Popularity of Kremenchug trucks in national economy is no coincidence. KrAZ trucks have particular strength because they were designed originally for use in severe operating conditions. They will tackle any job. KrAZ trucks carry construction materials, ore, waste, soil, haul oversize loads, personnel and tools to any destination on or off road under any weather and road conditions.

Up-to-date lineup of civilian KrAZ trucks includes dump trucks, chassis cab trucks, platform trucks, truck tractors, timber trucks, special vehicles and trailers available in axle configurations 4х2, 4х4, 6х4, 6х6, 8х4, 8х6.

Dump Trucks 


Powerful, rugged, easy to use and maintain KrAZ dump trucks.

Chassis Cabs


KrAZ chassis cab is designed to accommodate any aftermarket equipment.

Platform Trucks


Used for carrying equipment, spare parts, tools and working crew over rugged terrains.

Truck Tractors


KrAZ super heavy weight champions for carrying various cargoes, towing trailers and semi-trailers.

Log Trucks


KrAZ log trucks are suitable for various logging operations

Special vehicles


A range of special vehicles for various branches of national economy

KrAZ chassis trucks
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KrAZ Dump trucks
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KrAZ Trailers
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