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Civilian Special Vehicles KrAZ

PJSC “AutoKrAZ” recently has made a considerable progress in the development of a range of KrAZ chassis truck-mounted specialty vehicles available in axle configurations 4х2, 4х4, 6х4 and 6х6.

Today’s range of KrAZ special vehicles designed for use in various applications includes over 500 types. These are vehicles provided with Multilift unit, 7m? and 9m? concrete mixer trucks, concrete pumps, truck-mounted cranes with lifting capacity ranging from 16 to 32 tons, pipe carriers, fire fighting vehicles, special emergency response vehicles.

KrAZ truck-mounted bitumen sprayers, asphalt tanks, pothole repair vehicles, various multipurpose road maintenance vehicles provided with a broad range of attached implements are widely used in public road system.

Various installations, drilling and servicing rigs for oil and gas wells and tanks for carrying oil products offered by “AutoKrAZ” are well suited for use in oil and gas industry.

An introduction of cabover vehicles in the lineup of KrAZ trucks has facilitated breakthrough into the public service market where KrAZ was not present before. These trucks feature less weight and better stability with the same payload capacity due to centre-of-gravity shift.

Street sweepers, rear and side loading refuse trucks, sludge pumper trucks and multipurpose road maintenance trucks are well suited for tight urban environment. They are more maneuverable and combine low energy capacity, high payload capacity and possibility of switch to higher emission standards.

KrAZ chassis trucks
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