Upon the purchase of a new truck make sure your logbook contains pre-delivery inspection record (and schedule maintenance in conformity with number of kilometers driven until the purchase).

To keep manufacturer’s warranty valid, an owner of acquired KrAZ truck should register it in service station authorized by PJSC “AvtoKrAZ” until the next schedule maintenance.

In case of failures detected during the warranty period, please contact the seller or authorized service station or quality control department at manufacturing plant:


8(0536)76-62-24 – quality control department head;
8(0536)76-66-86–warranty service department; 
8 (0536) 76-69-83 – claims department;

Fax: 8 (0536) 76-60-82, 76-67-83

E-mail: garantia@kraz.ua

Please, feel free to contact authorized service station or maintenance department at manufacturing plant with any questions on after-sales service:

8 (0536) 76-67-84; 
8 (0536) 76-67-43

The staff of KrAZ service station received training and obtained diplomas issued by PJSC “AvtoKrAZ” that entitle them to carry out maintenance and repair of the KrAZ vehicles.

The maintenance department at PJSC “AvtoKrAZ” is looking for cooperation with businesspersons interested in opening KrAZ service stations or showrooms at their facilities.

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